Occupy Capitalism

The Great Recession and the resulting Eurozone debt crisis has given spark to a new revolution around the world against the economic status quo and the widening chasm between rich and poor. Occupy Wall Street has spread to other cities and even other countries despite a lack of agenda or demands, reflecting a powerful dissatisfaction with business, banking and Wall Street as they currently exist. That they have no specific demands is baffling to most people, but there is something very essential in this revolution. The problem is capitalism itself.

We are in a time of intense paradigm shift, and the world economy is part of that change. Astrological ages reveal something essential about our economic system, and the changes that are happening to that system today. The idea of business first emerged within a matriarchal worldview of lunar religions and worship of the Mother Goddess, the supreme deity who nurtured her family of mankind in a way that is different from our current patriarchal worldview. Humanity settled into permanent communities during the Age of Cancer, 8640 to 6480 BCE. Agriculture was invented and the mother became the center of settled life. Cancer rules mother and agriculture.

With the following Age of Gemini, 6480 to 4320 BCE, humanity began to expand into crafts industries following the Gemini quality of mental exploration and using the hands to create. They created an industrial revolution based on barter alone, and often what was traded was the information regarding the manufacture of their crafts rather than the crafts themselves. These proto-businesses were part time endeavors, and the crafts created were designed to improve the life and comfort of the community rather than increase the wealth of the inventor or creator.

During the Age of Taurus, 4320 to 2160 BCE, humanity invented money and banking, and created civilization. Taurus is a feminine sign, and the matriarchy solidified into a system of social hierarchy wherein everyone had a place within civilized life, and reaped the benefits of that placement. Wealth grew exponentially allowing for the expansion of the new civilized city-states and the nation state of Egypt. Temples were built and grew into huge complexes where the imported wealth of a community was collected, catalogued and distributed out to the community. The earliest examples of writing were these temple lists of goods.

During these ages, business and the prevailing economic system was socialistic, in that the social welfare of the community was the focus of business rather than personal wealth. Following the matriarchal Taurus directive, even private business was focused on the needs of the community.

The Age of Aries, 2160 to 0 BCE, changed all of that. Beginning around 2500 BCE there is evidence of a solarization in mythology, masculine solar gods replacing lunar goddesses in heavenly hierarchies that indicated a corresponding shift in social structure. The matriarchy was displaced by a new patriarchal worldview. Matriarchal religions were designated as pagan in Judeo-Christian terminology, and became the enemy.

Aries rules war, independence and overcoming challenges. Men struggled for independence and individual accomplishment outside the monolithic rigidity of the Taurus worldview. The Mesopotamian warrior god Marduk defeated the mother goddess Tiamat and established a new patriarchal heavenly order. Samson defeated Delilah and brought down the megalithic Taurus temple of the Philistines, and David slew the Taurus giant Goliath and became king. Warrior kings changed civilization, creating militaristic empires in their place. They changed business as well.

Our modern capitalist system was created during the Scorpio Era of this age, 1260 to 1440, in the Late Middle Ages. Capitalism went through several changes over the next several centuries before becoming the capitalistic economy that we have today. In our patriarchal system, capitalism is overwhelmingly masculine in practice. It is highly individual rather than communal, focusing on personal profit over community needs. Capitalism is approached as a warrior endeavor, with capitalists seeking to create economic empires. They compete with each other like masculine warrior entities, complete with hostile takeovers and trying to corner markets. They have no feelings for the environment, seeing natural resources merely as things to be taken by strong and wealthy warrior captains of industry.

Today, capitalism has pushed us to the brink of extinction without any regard for culpability. Climate change and global warming has become a serious threat to our existence, yet our warrior bankers deny that there is any climate change. Earthquake and volcanic activity has increased 100 to 200 times since 1970, and depression and suicide has steadily increased through increasing levels of epidemic proportions during that same time. Capitalism has tried to expand into global markets at this same time, creating environmental and social destruction for Third World communities. The Niger Delta is highly polluted today because of the refuse from major oil companies drilling there. BP created an apocalyptic disaster in 2010 in the Gulf of Mexico because of cost cutting measures in order to increase profits. These and other disasters create severe health concerns for local populations, but capitalistic profit trumps community health.

The earth is simply running out of natural resources, yet our capitalists are so dependent on their profits that they keep pushing into more dangerous ecological areas of exploration. They cannot let up. The BP disaster began more than a mile under water in the gulf. The oil sands in Canada promise yet another oil spill, this time across the bread basket and main aquifer of America. Fracking, high pressure hydraulic fracturing of oil shale to extract the trapped oil, is destroying drinking water in communities across the country. And now there is some questions whether fracking can be a cause of earthquakes. The genetic engineering of our foods promises devastating famines and hunger for all of humanity in the next few decades. And the list goes on.

Money drives modern capitalism, and occupying Wall Street is an attempt to bring focus to our dissatisfaction with the economy continuing as it is. Capitalism has become a cancerous growth on our communities, our nation and our world. Feeding the capitalistic agenda could drive us to extinction, corporations growing uncontrollably until they kill the host. The host in this case is both the earth and her ecological health, and humanity as the corporate consumer base.

Capitalism cannot continue as it is today. We have to bring back some sense of socialism, of community concern for health and happiness into our economic worldview. Perhaps some form of balance between capitalism that can foster growth, and socialism that keeps us grounded in communal nurturing could work well for a new world paradigm. This has to be done worldwide if we are to remain in our new global economy. If not, the like the Greeks in the Eurozone, we might have to pull back into our own local sphere in order to recreate a strengthened sense of economic community.

There is, in the cycle of astrological ages, an end-time cycle that is climaxing today with potentially devastating consequences. Climate change and global warming is already creating deadly weather patterns, and rising sea levels will severely impact our coastal areas. The North Atlantic Current is already shutting down, promising to bring on another ice age within decades. And vicious fire storms are becoming more common, burning more and more land each year.

This end-time shift affects humanity and our economy as well. Personal and corporate greed has dramatically increased since 1970. Time magazine termed the 1980′s as the Decade of Greed. As it turned out, greed has increased since that time, with bankers greed fueling the mortgage crisis through much of the 2000′s and the resultant Great Recession since 2008.

The battle here is between greed based on the ideal of capitalist investments, and economic equality based in socialistic concerns for people. Capitalist ideology supports and promotes greed. It pushes us to make risky investments, to feed our own little greed, and work outside the legal constraints in order to maximize profits. Corporations rape the environment without any consideration for what that does to locals. Corporations are tied to their bottom line and investors. There is no connection with community, or even nation. They move overseas to cut costs, and leave American workers out of valuable jobs. And it this cancerous situation that Occupy Wall Street is protesting. OWS is an important part of the paradigm shift that is touching our economy, and whether it succeeds or not, the movement has begun, and will continue in some form until change happens. Capitalism itself has to change from a selfish economic system to become more communal and nurturing.

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